Our Mission

Make the difference!!!

Our intent is to distinguish ourselves from common items on the market, making the experience of our customers unique, combining the fashion and technical aspects.

Through our innovative, flexible and customer-oriented approach, we work in partnership with you so that you can get the solution that best provides added value and maximizes your satisfaction.

Our Values

  • Put the customer at the center of everything we do, providing unique items created specifically to meet his needs
  • Use only the best performing materials in respect of the environment and health
  • Ensure the best level of customer service 

Health and Enviroment

The neoprene we use:

  • does not contain Latex
  • does not contain phthalates
  • does not cause allergies
  • it is based on Limestone (calcareous neoprene)
  • belongs to the sponge rubber category
  • compliant with the flow regulation (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals)

The limestone neoprene (based on Limestone) has a high micro-cellular structure. These are independent closed cells (basically bubbles) inside the neoprene that are packaged together with an extremely high density.

Thanks to its high density microcellular structure, limestone neoprene (based on Limestone) tends to be lighter; offers greater elasticity to increase comfort and freedom of movement. Moreover, the fundamental aspect is that the higher density of the cellular structure makes the limestone neoprene a highly efficient insulator for a better heat retention, allowing, in other words, to remain warmer.

In summary, this micro-cellular structure offers several important advantages to the functionality of wetsuits compared to the traditional oil-based neoprene:

  • It is hotter
  • It’s more elastic
  • It’s more waterproof
  • It is lighter in weight

A further important advantage of limestone neoprene is that it is petroleum-free.


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Limestone neoprene

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